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Truffle lead

Service of attracting qualified clients for real estate agencies

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About us

Service Truffle lead will attract customers, identify their needs, our call center operators will collect all the necessary info, and only then you will receive HOT clients

  • Clients within 5 hours

    Average time from the request to first contacts

  • 100% «Live» clients

    You get the contact information of a person who wans to buy an apartament and is waiting for your call

  • Flexible leads' setups

    You choose the budget, location, language and area

  • Integration with your CRM

    We will provide leads in a convenient format

  • Working with wide GEO locations

    Working with Russian, French, Hindi, Arabic, Englishg, speaking audiences

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Services that we provide

  • 01 Offer potential customers
  • 02 Pre-processing of the client using the call center
  • 03 Delivering specialized leads
  • 04 Narrow targeting
  • 05 Clients from all over the world
  • 06 All language services
  • 07 CRM systems’ setup
  • 08 Working with different traffic sources
  • 09 Consultancy
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Price calculation

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    Request types and their prices

    Hot clients from 600 AED

    • Call center processing
    • The client is considering buying property in Dubai
    • The client is planning on purchasing within 6 months
    • The client is not yet working with a realtor or real estate agency
    • The client is not considering a mortgage
    • The client is waiting for a call from the sales manager
    • Providing call records or messages from the call center

    Warm clients without call center processing from 200 AED

    • Contacts without processing by the call center
    • 100% of advertising traffic is set to the "new buildings" category
    • All clients claimed on the website that they are ready to buy real estate in the UAE

    Hot client that is focused on a specific project from 600 AED

    • All clients go through our call center operator
    • Every client has confirmed one's interest in the residential complex
    • The client is planning on purchasing in the near future
    • The client is waiting for a call from a real-estate agent
    • TThe client is waiting on the information regarding the complex
    • We will provide the recordings and/or messages from our call center

    Apartment sellers from 400 AED

    • The client is selling property in Dubai and is planning on buying an apartment
    • The client has confirmed that he needs help with the sale
    • The client is ready to discuss remuneration for assistance in the sale
    • The client is waiting for a call from the sales manager

    Thank you for your application, we will contact you shortly